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Shes says it was the firs time she’s opened a bottle of champagne and her reaction was hilarious. It shot across the yard and the bridesmaids jumped up and down with excitement-I think mostly because they were surprised she didn’t take an eye out! haha! Opening bottle of champagne on her wedding day: check

Meantime, over at the hotel, the guys were getting ready…….and playing video games. haha!

Things were a little less giddy over there but it’s serious business getting on your tux for the first look! She told me “I said I would never be that girl that obsessed over a dress BUT…I was that girl!” She told me she fell in love with it and HAD to have it! Once you see it on her, you’ll know why! I also love that she was getting ready in her childhood home. Some day when she looks back on these images and the decor has changed, her parents have moved, the home no longer exsists (or whatever else), she will have the memories of her home and all the moments associated. I wish I had taken photos of the inside of all the homes I lived in.I got to know where Carissa got her bubbly personality. Carissa and her Mom didn’t stop smiling all day–except when there were a few happy tears, but even then they were all smiles! <3How many people does it take to get the brides earrings in?! At least 3! haha! I love how soft and airy her dress was. We took advantage of it’s flowiness (if that’s a word) later in the day. A few classic bride shots next to the window. Window light will NEVER go out of style.I love this silhouette shot.The Daddy-Daughter photos choke me up everytime. HAWT DAMN Carissa! We had an amazing wedding timeline (I’m tooting my own horn) so we had time to go thru Mom and Dad’s wedding album.

In 30-40 years when cars look different and the designs have changed, she’ll look back on these images and say “look at that vintage car”.

She was so giddy before the first look on the porch of the Heritage House in Indiana, Pa.

I think he likes her.

I love the chemistry between them…it was so easy to photograph!

I also love that the trees are starting to come alive. We had gorgeous blossoms on the trees and the weather cooperated. It was a bit chilly but it didn’t rain.

Seriously, how cute are they?!

We snuck over to the porch of the Historical Society in Indiana PA for a few shots on the way to the ceremony.I told you, she never stopped smiling!

Do you want to know why I REALLLY loved Carissa! Check out her feet…..she went for comfort and she is my soul sister! haha! They are on their way to the ceremony…and wait until you see how romantic that was. That’s for a whole other blog post! Stay tuned!

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