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best friends | jordan + maddie | yellow creek state park

By June 19, 2017 One Comment


We missed National Best Friend Day by one stinking day! Regardless……these two best friends just happen to also be cousins. Meet Jordan and Maddie both are students at Penns Manor and are the winners of the Jen McKen BFF Instagram contest I held last month. Oh you didn’t know about the contest…..well that’s because I held it on Instagram and it’s one of the perks for those who follow me.

Go find me www.instagram.com/jenmckenphotography. I’ll be hosting a few more contests in the upcoming months now that I’m using upleap and only my Instagram followers will know about it…besides I tend to post everything over their first anyways.

If you want your own Best Friend Shoot….get in touch-we can make that happen!

best friends laughing We met up at Yellow Creek State Park not far from our houses. It was a gorgeous day as you can tell…..and we hung out and got some cute shots!


best friends being goofy at yellow creek in indiana county pa

They told me all about the “secret club” they had growing up! Hilarious!

cousins laughing on a dirt road at yellow creek state park

They obviously think I’m funny! haha!

 winners of the best friend contestbest friends skipping thru a field

I love how care free these shots feel.

standing on a dock holding handsbest friends wearing bracelets while standing on the dock at yellow creek state park


best friends sitting on the dock at yellow creek state park in indiana county paD’AWWWW! best friends playing on the dock at yellow creek state parkOhh the memories I have growing up playing this game!

best friends laying on the dock at yellow creek state parkbest friends laughing on a dock at yellow creek state parkgirls skipping thru a field at yellow creek state park in indiana paJordan and Maddie, thanks for being so much fun to hang out with and for putting up with all of my crazy ideas. Now go check yourselves for ticks! hahaha!






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