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We shot these at what photographers would refer to as the “worst time of the day”-around lunch time….the time of the day we try to avoid at all costs because the light can sometimes be harsh. On this particular day, it was VERY humid as there was a storm moving in and the sun was blazing down but in between we’d catch a little cloud break. It was a little windy along the water-which I LOVE not only because it was refreshing but it also made her dress and hair move a little!

I love these images and I love that it’s something both of their families have in common. Hannah’s family take their boat out often on Twolick Lake so that’s where we went for some photos.


enageged couple kissing on the dock at twolick lake in indiana paI love the colors in these images.

enagement session on a sunny day on the docks of twolick lake

What are your favorite things to do together?
“We love to travel! Whether it’s a long weekend to a new city, visiting out of town friends or family vacations in the summer time. We actually spend a lot of our time with family and friends. We attend a lot of sporting events. We have season tickets for the Pitt Panthers football games and The Steelers. I would say those would include our hobbies as well. You’ll typically find us surrounded by friends and family, drinking and have a good time!”- Hannah

enageged couple walking along the dock at twolick lake in indiana paTell us about he proposal:
“We attended a Pittsburgh Steelers game on New Years Day. I was excited that my dad had invited Michael’s parents to join us in the club level (his company had put in a favor) but hadn’t expected a thing (which seems kind of silly now!). Before the game started Michael surprised me and got down on one knee. It was the most amazing day! We had champagne, got to celebrate with family and friends AND the Steelers won!”- Hannah

enageged couple walking along the dock at twolick lake in indiana paThat movement though! The water…the hair…the dress! Me likey!

twolick enagement session of couple standing on a dock in indiana pa

Describe each other using 3 words:
Hannah describing Michael: Funny (In the most perfectly weird way), Planner/Organized, Passionate
Michael describing Hannah: Gentle, Loving & Kind person (that often overthinks things).


A sunny engagement session at twolick lake in indiana pa with couple sitting on the dockTell us 3 random facts about you:

1. Wino
2. Often breaks out into spontaneous dancing
3. Hates feet

1. Has a “hand thing” he’s done since he was a kid.
2. Randomly yells in a high pitched voice when excited
3. Thinks his dog (boxer) named Guin looks like she’s from France so he calls her Frenchie


engaement photos on the docks at twolick lake in indiana pa on a sunny dayhair blowing in the wind standing on a dock in twolick state park indiana paTell us a funny story about the two of you:
“Before our first date I (Hannah) confided in my friend Amanda about being nervous to meet Michael and had “facebook stalked” him, you know to scope everything out! There was a funny picture of Michael that I showed to her and she’s laughed and asked if I was “sure he didn’t have some kind of issue”! I just shared this story with him a year ago and we both laughed uncontrollably! Haha. We both have our quirks but I love every single one of them!” – Hannah

engaged couple walking along the dock at twolick park in indiana pahugging at the lake in indiana paI can not wait to work with these two again in July 2018. I have NO DOUBT it’s going to be a good time!

a close up of an engagement session in indiana pa

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