mackenna | Teen Session | Blairsville, Pa

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Did you know I now specialize in Teen photography……YAS!!!! I’m branching out and these shoots have been so much fun!

This is 15 year old Mackenna and she is a self proclaimed girly girl tomboy! She plays basketball, she runs in cross country and track, she’s a majorette AND she’s in Jr. Honor Society! Basically she’s pretty AND smart….but she wishes more people wouldn’t butcher her name!! <—I added that one! hahaha!

AND….I have to tell you, at the end of her shoot and at our last location…I LOCKED MY FREAKIN KEYS IN MY CAR!! I make fun of Greg for running out of gas all the time but I always lock my keys in the car! Luckily I had my camera and lenses with me so we just continued on with the shoot while Greg jimmied my door open. I can’t make this stuff up! haha!

teen giving the peace sign in front of plastic milk cratesI LOOVE that shot! It was so spontaneous!

teen wearing red seton hill basketball shirt and black and white plaid shirtNotice her Seton Hill University shirt….that is her college of choice…..ya, know when the time comes!!

15 year old teen portraits in blairsville paThose eyes though!! teen posing on fire escapte in floral dress

Mackenna, you are so pretty!! <3

If you are interested in a Teen shoot, contact me to get on the schedule. Let’s show off their personality!




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