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Women over 50 are the “forgotten ones”. I would even go as far as to say, women over 30 are the “forgotten ones”. We are the ones who hold the camera (or iphones) and are so busy documenting our families that we remain ghosts in the images we capture. existent of sorts.  We truck along taking care of our families that we often put our selves last. When big things happen in our lives we are hesitant to celebrate it…..but this is exactly why I love these sessions.


Perhaps it has the do with the fact that I am myself over 30 now and I realize how the thought of having and paying for beautiful images seems selfish when in fact, it’s the most unselfish thing you could do. The whole reason I got into photography was because I never wanted anyone to feel that feeling of regret digging thru a shoebox of photos trying to find images to display at my sister funeral only to find that we had very few that showed WHO she was. You know that saying “anyone can take a picture of you, but only a few can capture who you ARE”. I craved those types of shoots.  We don’t exists as much as we should..and I want to change that!

I know for me personally, I want my shoebox full of images to be filled with photos of WHO I am. I want my kids to be able to hold onto the image and hear me laughing. I want that for you!

This is Tammy and she is one bad ass momma! She’s survived brain aneurysms and lots of other curve balls life thru her way! She’s alive, vibrant and so much fun!

If you’re intersted in scheduling a shoot for yourself, with a group of your girl friends or gifting one for someone else you know deserves it….reach out! I want you in front of my camera!! <3

studio photography with women over 50

We shot these all in the studio and we laughed the entire time!

photographing women over 50studio photographs of a women over 50 in a leather jacketThose heels……someone put out the fire! haha!

women smiling with hand near her facestudio photography with women over 50 smiling
women over 50 wearing leather jacket in the studio with white background53 year old in leather jacketwomen over 50

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