customized leather heirloom wedding albums

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Customized Leather Heirloom Wedding Albums

You imagine yourself pointing to your wedding album with your Grand-babies on your lap telling them about how Grandpa was so nervous and how he cried when he saw you for the first time. You laugh about “what you wore” and how the styles have changed since then and how Grandpa used to have hair. You will smile, kiss the top of their heads and tell them about “the good old days”.

This is your family legacy and I remember this when I’m shooting. I’m telling your story, I’m documenting your personality, I’m capturing moments that you will talk about, laugh about and cry about in the future. After all, the older an image gets, the more special it becomes.


leather album sample jen mcken One of my favorite memories of going to my Grandma’s house was when she brought out the old photo albums. The older ones with those plastic sticky sheets of plastic that went over top of the pages or the ones you slide the photos into. We’d sit and look at photos for hours turning the pages and the photos just falling out. We’d have to figure out where they fell out of….This isn’t your Grandma’s album. The images will never fall out, the plastic slip will never come loose, lose it’s stickiness or turn yellow with age.

leather album sample jen mcken leather album sample jen mcken

Beautiful, clean design. No scrap books over here!

leather album sample jen mcken leather album sample jen mcken leather album sample jen mcken

If you haven’t created your album yet and it’s 8 year later (i’m looking at you!)……holla at me…..let me help you get your images into print! Learn more about the design process here. I’ll design it for you, you get to approve it and then I’ll call you when it’s back from press. Easy peasy!

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