Mr. & Mrs. Schneider

I've known her for what seems like forever! We cheered on the same cheerleading squad for several years..and as a matter of fact, I have MANY MANY embarrassing photos of…
jen mcken
December 21, 2009
Holiday RelatedKids

Mr. Brody….

Brody came to visit me again--this time for his 6 month photos.  He's the cutest, littlest, tiniest, handsomest man ever---of course I'm biased because he's my BFF's son :) This…
jen mcken
December 1, 2009

All 11 of them….

No this isn't an extended, blended or photo shopped family---There REALLY is 11 in their immediate family. You know what that means----9 children. Que the Advil now!! Tee he he!…
jen mcken
November 30, 2009

Giving Is Awesome!

As quoted from the website......  "Last holiday season, Kristen Kalp, started a little charity project for the holidays. It began with a simple idea: that one family, who couldn't otherwise afford…
jen mcken
November 24, 2009

MMA Fight Night

If you follow me at all on Facebook you've probably seen my wall posts encouraging everyone to come out and support my friend Caleb Ball who was fighting in Greensburg, PA at…
jen mcken
November 22, 2009

Baby Pogue…

I've become quite familiar with this family. I lost track after a while, but I'm thinking I've done 2 senior photo shoots, 1 engagement shoot, 1 almost wedding (I ended up…
jen mcken
November 21, 2009


So I'm usually not a "traditional" photographer, but when you get large groups as this large Italian family sometimes it's necessary. You may recognize a few of these faces from…
jen mcken
November 15, 2009