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Go Shout Love for Zane | raising awareness for trisomy

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I am so honored to have been asked to photograph Cassie’s family for their feature on her youngest son Zane for Go Shout Love!  Zane has Trisomy 17q- a rare chromosomal disorder involving an extra copy of genetic material from the long arm of chromosome 17.  You can read all THAT and  about this amazing family (who just happens to be my cousin!) here.  Go Shout Love has some pretty awesome products available for purchase (see the end of the blog) and 60% of all proceeds will go directly to the family for Zane’s needs.

The gals over at Go Shout Love are doing some amazing things to help families…..the aim of Zane’s feature is to help with costs associated with getting a handicapped accessible van. Let me tell you, when they showed up for their shoot, I walked around to the side of the car that Zane was and tried to open the door to say hello when Cassie mentioned it was broken. Well how do you get him out?! They have to open the opposite side of the van and crawl thru to get him…his tracheotomy vent and any other equipment he needs. As discussed in the article “When discussing some needs for Zane, Cassie let us know a huge need that would really help them out and that is a handicap accessible van. When Cassie’s husband is not around she has to carry Zane to and from their minivan. Zane weighs 27 pounds and with his tracheotomy and his vent that adds an extra 3-5 pounds. This is a huge task for her and she has thrown her back out many times trying to carry him. We are aiming high for this month and we know with YOUR help we can get Zane and his family that van!”

go shout love for zane
go shout love-raising awareness

Brother love!

go shout love-raising awareness

Sister Love!

go shout love-raising awareness

The three Z’s! (Zach, Zoey and Zane)

go shout love-raising awarenessgo shout love-raising awarenessgo shout love-raising awareness

I have to take a minute and give some MAJOR kudos to Mom and Dad. Not only do they both work full time jobs, but they are always on the move between Zach and Zoey’s activities and Zane’s frequent trips to the hospital and doctors. She continues to remain positive all the time…..basically…I think they are super parents and deserve some major points for everything they do!

go shout love-raising awarenessgo shout love-raising awarenessgo shout love-raising awarenessgo shout love-raising awarenessgo shout love-raising awareness

Interested in helping out???…… I’m snagging the blue sweat shirt!

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