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5th grade graduation | good bye elementary school

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Excuse me while I wipe away a few tears-as most other parents are doing this week as school winds down for the summer. My little 1 pound baby is graduated from 5th grade and the big bad elementary school this week . It feels so weird to even type that because it LITERALLY feels like yesterday that we were bringing her home from the hospital.

We’ve had so much enjoyment watching her grow thru the years with wide eyed excitement over things like the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy, into the current state of pre-teen attitude and I know I’m going to miss this. She’s taken our pranks like a champ over the years and has a great sense of humor. I’m going to miss watching her figure out the big girl bike for the first time, learning how to write and spell her name, playing with Barbies, make friends and losing friends, navigating having her first “boy friend”, experimenting with makeup, watching her figure out an iPad down to TEACHING me how to use the iPad and watching her “style” change throughout the years! I realize that all the things that I thought were “small things” in the long run are really the “big things” and as a Mom it makes me sad that they have gone by so quickly. I know I”m not the only one that feels that way and I use to roll my eyes when all the old ladies would say, “it goes by so quick”….I’m not sure of a more truer statement! Because of my love of the camera, I was able to document so many special moments in her life-including this one….and every year’s “first day of school”.

I have woken up EXTRA early every year on the first day’s of school so that I can document “the day in the life of” and I wonder how long it will be until she thinks it’s no longer cool for me to do! I’m secretly hoping she lets me photograph the first day of 6th grade in the Middle School but I’m not holding my breath. I may have to go super secret ninja that morning. I treasure these photos and I hope that someday she does as well! I love looking back at them watching her grow thru the years.

First Day of Kindergarten
First Day of 1st Grade
First Day of 2nd Grade
First Day of 3rd Grade
First Day of 4th Grade
First Day of 5th Grade

I’m proud of the young girl she has become and although I know she faces a lot of future mistakes, disappointments and heartaches, I also know she has YEARS of goal setting, dreams, and achievements as well. I’m not looking forward to the things that come along with having a teenager BUT we’ll deal with those as they come! haha!

Right now in this moment…..I couldn’t be more proud of Miss Mallory! “ohhhh the places you will go!”


5th grade graduation-6088I asked her if she wanted to go shopping for dress shoes…..”No Mom! I’m wearing my converse!” That’s my girl!! <35th grade graduation-6094Yes I had to take a few before she hopped on the bus for the last time! She was only slightly annoyed with me! haha!5th grade graduation-61085th grade graduation-6171Accepting her diploma! She sat in the back behind everyone so it was hard to get photos of her during the ceremony.5th grade graduation-61795th grade graduation-6215And afterwards, everyone gathers in the gym for photos……the same gym I had all my prom and dance photos taken! 5th grade graduation-62505th grade graduation-6299A few photos with her “boyyyyyyfran!! Nolan! She got a kick out of how he signed her yearbook! haha! 5th grade graduation-6265And a few of the gals that have been friends since Kindergarten! I have photos of these girls throughout the years from sleep overs, birthday parties and school events! We have to recreate this photo in another 7 years when they graduate high school! <3

5th grade graduation-6297Look out Middle School…here they come!


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